Gielgud Theatre Seating Plan

The Gielgud Theatre has room for 973 theatregoers, a medium sized venue. You can choose from 3 levels, the stalls, dress circle and grand circle. The stalls covers rows A to W, 26 seats wide at the most, and the dress circle incorporates rows A to J, each between 5 and 30 seats wide. The grand circle covers rows A to J, up to 29 seats wide.

The stalls are always a good bet because of the low stage and steep slope, with row A delivering decent legroom. As a general rule the further back you sit in the stalls, the more legroom you get! There are two stalls boxes, comfy but with slightly restricted views.

The dress circle looms high above so there are unrestricted views from most seats, the best of which are rows B and D13-23. There are also a couple of dress circle boxes, with much the same quality views as the stalls boxes but for a lower cost.

The grand circle is tightly curved with varying quality views. It’s best to avoid the edge of row AA because you lose more than two thirds of the stage and there’s very little legroom. From the foyer there are 20 steps down to the stalls, 2 up to the dress circle and 30 up to the upper circle.